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City of Edmond

Edmond is a a thriving city with history that dates back prior to statehood. In the 1887 the town was established when the Santa Fe rail line was built in Indian Territory and a station was placed for water and coal. After the 1889 Oklahoma Land Run the town was officially formed. The BNSF freight line still runs through the down today. Besides the railroad, in 1890 Oklahoma established the “Territorial Normal School” (University of Central Oklahoma) with a focus on education. Education has remained a huge influence in Edmond’s economy and it’s growth. The city continues to hold a small town feel with all the conveniences of big city living. 

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Edmond, Oklahoma

The City of Edmond is located north of Oklahoma City. The town spreads across almost 88 square miles. The population currently sits near 100,000 making it the fifth largest city in Oklahoma.  Arcadia Lake sits on the east side of the city and is popular for fishing and escaping from suburban life. The city lies in the Sandstone Hills region of Central Oklahoma and is known for hills and oak trees. 

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Stable Housing Market

Edmond home values have historically been very stable or growing.

Manyf HOAs

Many neighborhoods have HOAs that come with rules and restrictions

Great Schools

Top rated school system and the community was founded around education. 


If you a wanting a more urban, walkable community, Edmond might not be for you

Outdoor Recreation

Lake Arcadia, over 30 parks, golf courses, and other places to enjoy the outdoors 


The terrain is split, east is wooded with rolling hills while west is flat w/ few trees


Safety is often a huge deal. Edmond’s crime rate is 46% lower than the state average.


Summers are hot and muggy, winters are cold and windy


Continued growth attracts new business and industries 


While growth is amazing, locals often deal with traffic

Home Styles In Edmond

Oklahoma has red clay dirt, because of this, homes here are often built with a brick façade. This is also important to withstand our (at times) extreme weather. For many years, traditional design was the primary architectural style in the area. Over the last 10 years we’ve seen more design diversity appear like craftsman, modern farmhouse, mid-century modern, and contemporary.



Residential design in Oklahoma has included brick and stone dating all the way back to the land run in 1889. Traditional architecture pulls from multiple historical architectural styles. These homes often feel simple yet classic. There is a love of symmetry in traditional design with very little ornamentation. 


Modern Craftsman

While there isn’t a huge amount of historic craftsman style homes in Edmond, in recent years we have seen a resurgence of the craftsman design. These homes are often built with brick or stone and wood siding.  They often feature exposed rafters, gabled roofs, front porches with support columns and wood framing. The interior is often open floor plan. 


Modern Farmhouse

The Modern Farmhouse is still a huge trend in the Edmond area. This is a 21st century take on the American Farmhouse. These homes often include large front porches, clean lines, rustic wood (flooring, exposed beams, cabinets, etc.), black metal (window frames, door knobs, hardware, stair railing, etc.), neutral color palettes, and industrial accents. 


The Edmond Public Schools (EPS) is one of the top districts in the state. The district includes 20 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, and 3 major high schools. 

Learn more about the district’s vision, mission and values and more. Also get updates on what is happening around the district.

Discover what Elementary School your home is assigned to.

Discover what middle school your home is assigned to. 

Discover what high school your home is assigned to. 

Learn about EPS PreK enrollment and general K-12 enrollment

Places of Interest

Edmond offers something for everyone from beautiful parks with walking trails, to a growing and thriving historical downtown. If you need to escape suburbia life, head east and enjoy a day at Lake Arcadia or head north and enjoy wine on the patio at a local vineyard. 

The Rail Yard is a food hall right off of Downtown Edmond. This venue offers eight dining experiences with a variety of food, drinks and desserts. You can enjoy your meal at one of the restaurants or spend some time under Edmond’s largest covered patio. 

Downtown Edmond has a picturesque historical downtown vibe. It offers shopping, amazing food and events year round.

This is believed to be the first school built in Oklahoma Territory after the Land Run of 1889.

Route 66 runs right through Edmond. If you take Route 66 just east of Edmond you will come to Arcadia Round Barn which is the only round barn on historic Route 66. Close by is the infamous Pops where you can pick out your own 6-pack of over 700 Sodas! It also houses a 66 Foot Steel Soda Bottle which is a great photo opportunity. 

An oasis in the suburbs, Hafer Park features three playgrounds, a volleyball court, exercise station, kids’ fishing pond and athletic complex. Walk along the many trails and experience nature and escape from the hustle and bustle of life. 

A Winery in Edmond? Absolutely! Clauren Ridge is located in north-west Edmond, escape the “city” and enjoy a wine tasting and cheese board on the patio. 

Just a short distance east of the center of Edmond is Arcadia Lake. It offers water recreation, picnicking, camping, disc golf, fishing, and hiking trails. 

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