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Selling a Home to the Masses

First impression is everything. When you decide to sell your home a mindset change needs to happen. As hard as it can be, we have to think of your home as a house that needs to appeal to a broad audience. I will guide you through this process of depersonalizing, decluttering, and getting your home in “show ready” condition. The goal is to create an environment where buyers can easily picture themselves moving in and living their life. I wont lie, selling often feels like work(because it is!), but the reward will be great!

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We worked with Rachel to buy our new home and sell our old home and we could not recommend her enough!…We are so appreciative of her attention to detail and experience that she brought to the table.

– Madison McCaskill

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Listing Appointment

This is our time to meet and talk about your goals. We will tour your home and you can point out any major repairs or renovations you have completed. We will go over market activity and trends and discuss what you could receive at closing. I will also leave you with a list of recommended tasks for the next step in the process - home prep.  

Home Prep

I will guide you, but ultimately this step is where you put in the work. Decluttering, depersonalizing, cleaning, repairs, lawn and home maintenance are all items you will tackle during this period. 

Professional Photos

These days homebuyers are shopping online first. It is imperative we make a great first impression online. A professional photographer will capture high-quality photos of your home to be used throughout our marketing strategy. 

Live on the Market

We will reach buyers through the use of the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), major online real estate sites, social media marketing, open houses, and my own network of industry and personal connections. 

Contract to Close

Once we accept an offer. The buyer will inspect your home. We might have to negotiate repairs or compensation. Your home will be appraised by the buyers lender to make sure the sales price is in line with market value. This process typically takes about a month depending on the buyers financing.

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5 Steps to Prep Your Home to Sell

Get your home prepped for buyers with this free, simple, and straightforward guide.

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Set Up a No Obligation
Home Evaluation

If you’re thinking about making a move, you want to market your home to sell and to receive the highest net price. Every seller faces the same challenge: price too high and you will wait and not sell; price too low and you leave money and value behind. So how do you find the right number? A free home evaluation is a great start.

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About Selling Real Estate in the OKC Metro?

Current market value is what your home is worth in the current real estate market. There are a few major drivers of this number: home location, home condition, and recent comparable properties that are either active, pending or recently sold. The market value changes with the market as real estate is dependent on supply and demand. 

As a seller, once you decide to sell in order to market your home to more people you have to detach from your own personal design style. Maybe you love your floral curtains, but will they photograph well or will a majority of the public love them too? This is the type of question you have to ask yourself as you get into home prep. I typically advise sellers to declutter, depersonalize, attend to any differed maintenance, and CLEAN (like your sale depends on it – because it does). I encourage sellers to chose neutral textiles for throw pillows, bedding, and window coverings. Make sure the front of your home has curb appeal (garden weeded, new mulch, upkept lawn, etc.) 

The best way to set an asking price is by looking at current market data. We use comparable homes that are active, pending, or recently sold to develop a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA). These homes will have similar characteristics like square footage, age, bedrooms, garage space, build quality, etc. From there we can see average/median prices to come up with the right price for your home. 

If you are wondering if you should move forward with any repairs or renovations I would highly recommend consulting your agent (hopefully me!). I would hate for you to spend a bunch of money on a renovation and not get a return on that investment. Deep cleaning and completing any differed maintenance is always a good idea. You want your buyer to recognize that you have cared for and maintained your home. 

How long it takes depends on the current market (supply and demand), price, location, and condition. If you price at the top of your market value range, your home will take longer to sell. If your condition isn’t great but you price your home right and it’s in a great location you probably will sell reasonably quickly. We cannot control the market, but we can control how we present ourselves to the market to ensure your home isn’t sitting for a long time. Once we are under contract, it typically takes 30-45 days to close. 

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