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Welcome! I’m dedicated to helping you find the perfect home for the season you’re in. Whether you are a first time home buyer, moving up or downsizing, I am committed to providing you with personalized service and expert guidance throughout the home buying process. Forever homes are rare, lets make sure your home fits your current needs and desires and if you need to sell before “forever” you have a home with amazing resale potential and one you’ve built equity in!

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“Rachel’s communication skills were prompt, informative, and helped us understand current processes and future deadlines throughout the inspection and purchasing process.”

– Tammy Kirkwood



The Prep

A prepared and educated buyer is a competitive buyer. In this step of the process we will have a buyers consultation where we will talk about your real estate goals. This is also the time to check your credit. After our meeting I will connect you with a trusted local lender so you can get pre-approved. The prep phase is one of the most important steps of this process. 

The Search

The search is the fun part. I will set you up on a personalized search and you will start receiving recommended properties that meet your criteria. We will view homes together. Once we find the right home we will make an offer based on comparable sales. If needed we will negotiate with the seller on terms. 

The Investigation

Once our offer is accepted the investigation phase begins! The first step during this phase is delivering your deposit money. This is your opportunity to make sure the home is the right investment for you. You will hire a licensed home inspector and termite Inspector, research the neighborhood, schools, etc. Once you have your findings we will negotiate repairs or compensation. Your lender will order and complete an appraisal. 

The Closing

The closing phase is the last phase of the process. During this phase you will make sure you acquire a homeowner insurance policy, finalize your loan (if applicable), set up utilities to turn on for the date of occupancy, complete a final walk through, and sign your life away at the closing table!  

Life After Purchase

You've purchased your home, and are moved in and settled. Where do I, your agent, fit in now? I love to continue to be a resource for my clients. I can help with any home ownership questions, local business recommendations, and more. I like to stay in touch with my clients, so don't be shocked to find random gifts, fun mail, or texts from me. I also have an email club where you get a message once a month with local recommendations, homeowner tips, and more! 

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Oklahoma City Metro Home Buying Guide

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What makes working with me different?

Set Up a No Obligation
property Search

Homeownership is still the American dream. There is nothing like preparing and anticipating to purchase a home of your own. Whether you’re a ways out or taking the plunge in the next few months, it’s always a good idea to get a sense of the market. 

I am more than happy to create a customized portal for you within our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) where you can view listings, make notes, and mark your likes and dislikes. 

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Got Questions?

About Buying Real Estate in Oklahoma City?

The answer to this is subjective to each person. Ultimately how much home you can afford should align with how much you are comfortable paying each month. In addition, your credit, debt to income ratio (DTI), money saved for down payment all impact your loan type, interest rate, and other fees associated with your loan. The best way to find out how much home you can afford is to get with a local lender. If you have areas in your finances or credit that need improvement they can provide suggestions on how to tackle and improve your buying power. 

This is also a very subjective question. Location plays a huge part in the home search and can impact convenience, property value, and so much more. Are you a young professional looking for a walkable community? Maybe mid-town or downtown is right for you. Is your heart in the country and you’re a little sick of city traffic? Maybe Piedmont or Mustang would be a good option (give me country at the edge of the city). Do you have kids and are looking for excellent school districts? Edmond and Deer Creek School Districts are highly rated in the state. The real question here is what is your goal and limitations? Then we can come up with the right communities for you and your family. 

Before we even get to closing there are some out of pocket costs. Once we find a home and are under contract you will need to deliver your deposit (earnest) money. This is typically around 1% of the offer price. You will also have a home inspection and termite inspection for your protection. Home inspections are based on square footage and range from around $300 up. You can expect to pay $100+ for a termite inspection. If your home inspector recommends a specialized inspection (think Structural) they typically run around $350+. 

For closing, your down payment is dependent on your loan and how much money you have saved. It could be anywhere from 0%-20% (or more if you have it!). There are pre-paids you must also pay at closing: 1 yr of Homeowners Insurance (around 1.5% of Sales Price), 1 year of property taxes (1.19% of sales price), prepaid interest (prorated interest for current month), and prorated HOA Fees (if applicable). 

Some of these costs could be paid by seller concessions if it is negotiated or by down payment assistance programs. 

As a professional looking out for my clients I do not recommend waiving a home inspection or termite inspection. It is during the inspection period that you make sure the home is the right investment for you. If your inspection comes back and there are concerns with any of the major systems, structure, or safety we will renegotiate with the seller. This process includes working together to prioritize what repairs we would like addressed (or compensation), presenting what we discovered to the listing agent along with our requests and negotiating until an agreement can be made. Are there times when you have to walk away? Unfortunately this does happen from time to time, but in most cases it is more beneficial for both parties to come to an agreement. 

In regards to lending, often you can be pre-approved for a mortgage within a single day. This is the first part of the process and mandatory before we start looking at homes. In order to do this you do need to have some documents handy and be proactive in getting them to your lender (ID, Social Security Number, Pay Stubs, Tax Documents, Investment Accounts, list of debts). Once you have been pre-approved the search time really depends on your search criteria. You could find your home within the first week or it could be months of searching for the right home. Once you make an offer and it is accepted a typical escrow period (time until closing) is 30-45 days. Certain loan types, typically government backed, can impact the time as well as they use their own appraisals and processes. 

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