Weekend Events In OKC: Jan 19-21

Are you thawing yet? I think all our snow and ice finally melted today which I am aye okay with! This weekend is looking promising with some amazing shows and casual events! This weekend is the Oklahoma City Home and Garden Show at the Fair Grounds. If you are wanting inspiration or have a home project goal you want to tackle this year definitely check it out! OR if you want to feel like...

Winter Home Maintenance: Oklahoma City

With Oklahoma Winters, you never know what you're going to get. It could be pretty temperate, we could have ice storms, it could be freezing cold with a wind chill that leaves you breathless and wishing for long johns...or is that not what they are called anymore (base layers). No matter how the winter looks, there are still some essential tasks home owners should complete to ensure their homes are prepared for the season.

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